Owner Services


Who We Are

Sleep In Homes is the result of ten years of experience in tourist accommodation and business management, plus many hours of preparations and careful design. It was born with the ambition to bend and change the standards of a too rigid field.

We believe there is much more to offer from a professional perspective. By giving you, the owner, the chance to decide how much you want to be involved in the development of your home, we produce endless improvement opportunities.

What is best for you, is best for us too!

Why Choose Us?

  • We know Sevilla very well, and that is key for tourist apartment business: know your location.
  • Our customer service is spot-on — we treat our guests as if they were family.
  • We always have an open communication channel with you, so you know what is happening in your home!
  • It's not just us on this! We partner with some of the best companies and professionals. Maintenance, refurbishment, home decor, photography, cleaning, you name it!
  • We are not a housing or real estate agency. We are a fresh, new approach to accommodation services, specialized in homes, and dedicated to delivering a more professional perspective but with a personalized touch.


So, what can we do for you as an owner?

These are all the services we have available for you. We can do a full management of your home, or you can select which tasks we do and which you take care of, so we do a partial management. In both cases we work with you hand in hand to guarantee success!
Browse around and feel free to contact us if you have any question or want more detailed information!

- Setting up profiles for online sales platforms.
- Revenue management for the maximization of profit, including tracking competitors, analysis of the city, calendar of events, etc.
- Reservations management: processing and confirming, keeping calendars updated, managing payments.

- Pre-arrival contact and additional services.
- Arrival appointment, check-in, introduction to house rules.
- Registration of guests mandatory by law.
- 24/7 phone attention to guests during their stay.
- After-stay follow up for quality surveys and reviews.

- Outbound invoices to clients.
- Inbound invoices from suppliers and middlemen.
- Managing safety deposits.
- Keeping a Clients and Reservations database.

- Licenses for the start of operations.
- Police registry process.
- Archive of documents (invoices, police registry).
- Legal counselling.

- Cleaning of homes after departures of guests.
- Experienced team of professionals.
- Advanced treatments and in-depth cleaning.
- Cleaning after construction and refurbishment.

- Laundry service for linen after departures of guests.
- Professional service with home delivery.
- Possibility to include external or owner's linen.

- We partner with the best professionals in each field.
- All maintenance needs under one single contact.
- 24/7 emergency maintenance service.

* We also provide project managing for the construction or refurbishment of your home.

- Spotting possible improvement points for your home.
- Periodical inspection of quality deficiencies.
- Improving quality of service to guests.
- Follow up on quality perception by clients.